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We supply kraftwerk’s TUBES to Sky-Watch exclusively for the development of fixed wing drones. Those drones are supposed to fly for up to 24 hours with one charge.
The most important things for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) like drones is a small, lightweight propulsion system with a big energy density to allow long range flights. Based on LNG or lighter gas as a fuel, these drones can be operated word wide available gas cartridges.
Sky-Watch develops drones for mapping and surveillance.

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We supply three of the biggest automotive groups with our TUBES for the development of onboard chargers. An onboard charger provides about 250 kWh electric energy per filling. It can be recharged in one minute.
The charger is small, compact, cost-efficient and free of particulate matter or NOx emissions. Regarding the whole value chain kraftwerk allows the lowest carbon footprint worldwide.
Our customers plan to use it for 24/7 and long-range vehicles.


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Our customer eZelleron develops handheld mobile chargers. eZellerons charger (which is renamed to) eZell ONE has a continuous power output of 5 Watt and a peak power of 15 Watt. It can be recharged by standard gas cartridges and allows operation totally independent from the grid. eZell ONE is small and light weight an can be recharged with everywhere available lighter gas. eZelleron’s customers use eZell ONE for Internet of Things (IoT) applications or as a power source in disaster areas and of cause for powering up mobile devices without the need for an existing electric grid.

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kraftwerk GROUP is 100% focussed on manufacturing of nanocoated full metallic TUBES. These tubes directly convert multiple fuels into electricity.
kraftwerk’s technology is somehow similar to fuel cells, but besides hydrogen, kraftwerk TUBES can directly convert natural gas, liquified gas, gasoline or kerosene into electricity. This allows to build a light weight, highly efficient energy source for mobile applications.